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Fractals at Wilson Middle School Scie...

Fractals at Wilson Middle School Science in the Community Day

New Mexico Education Director Emma Eckert and Fractal Assistant Kristen Weil led three awesome groups of kids in making fractal tetrahedrons at Wilson Middle School for their Science in the Community Day on April 6, 2016! A whole new group of students were excited to explore the wonderful world of fractals. One student said “this […]

Hanging of New Fractals

Hanging of New Fractals

Albuquerque is living up to its name as the Fractal Capital of the World! Today two new fractal installations were hung – one at the parking structure at 3rd andĀ Silver in downtown Albuquerque and one at the NM Museum of Natural History and Science! These two accompany the three new fractals at Monte Vista Elementary […]

Design Fractivities

Design Fractivities

We added a new fractivity – watersheds and rivers – where students learn about watersheds, see how rivers are fractal patterns and then design their own fractal pattern. Check out what these creative students designed!          

Add to Our Fractal Trianglathon!

Add to Our Fractal Trianglathon!

We were super psyched to see a bunch of fractal triangles in the mail this week from Mrs. Roberta Hazen’s 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade classes from Mosquero Elementary in New Mexico! Keep those fractal triangles coming in and help us achieve our goal of 19,683, or 3^9, triangles! Thank you so much, Mrs. Hazen.

Pascale’s Triangles

Pascale’s Triangles

Pascal’s Triangle – a fun way of looking at mathematical patterns and creating Sierpinksi Triangle patterns at the same time! Our board Vice President, Cyndi, a teacher of gifted and talented students in Albuquerque, NM, made these with her class. See what fun you can have with these in your classroom or on your own!

Enter the Fractal Challenge! – ...

Enter the Fractal Challenge! – December 31, 2016

Students in the Greater Albuquerque Area – please enter the seventh Fractal Challenge, funded in part by the Albuquerque Urban Enhancement Trust Fund! Simply download the free “XaoS” software, make a beautiful fractal and send it to us. See the full submission guidelines. Winning fractals will be featured in the First Friday Fractal planetarium shows, […]

Fractal Patterns Seen in Semiconducto...

Fractal Patterns Seen in Semiconductor Magnetism

Fractal patterns have been observed for the first time at the quantum scale, and the implications – and applications – may be huge. Mathematicians and physicists have known for some time that the equations that govern the magnetic phase-transition of metals will produce fractal patterns when iterated in a computer. But until now, nobody had […]



Turbulence is a beautiful fractal phenomenon, that shows up in the swirling motion of fluids at all scales. You can see this beautifully in the ocean with the help of colorful algae blooms. Similar patterns occur in a soap bubble and on the surface of Jupiter…

Fibonacci Sequence Helps with Design ...

Fibonacci Sequence Helps with Design of Solar Power

This is a great example of why we conduct our education – to introduce people to fractals and have them apply fractal concepts to improve technology and the world in general!

Dumming and Math

Dumming and Math