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To schedule a fractal presentation or fun, hands-on fractal activities in New Mexico, please email us at


To schedule a fractal presentation or fun, hands-on fractal activities in Minnesota or elsewhere, or general comments or inquiries, please email us at



  1. Gerald Gerald
    February 14, 2016    

    When it’s the middle of the month and you need some “Rock” and some “Fractals”…

    Do read the lyrics, and if you have time; find the Fibonacci sequence in the singer’s utterances.

  2. November 21, 2014    

    Hi Dr. Wolfe

    Thank you so much for giving the New Mexico math/science teachers a free fractal show last friday night. It was awesome!!!!

    It would be great if you could put that show onto a dvd video… I would buy it and show it to my students!!! Also, it was nice that you said you were going to try to make the student fractal contest a statewide event (instead of just for Albuquerque students only).

    If you get a chance, take a look at the Fractal website that I created a few years ago at New Mexico Tech…


    Bruce Lewis
    Thoreau High School
    PO Box 96
    Thoreau, NM 87323
    (navajo reservation near Gallup, NM)

  3. Carol Skinner Carol Skinner
    July 1, 2014    

    I am a Secondary School teacher in England and I was wanting some fractal based ideas to use as a creative, post-exam activity. I found your Fractivities and chose a few to do with my top set year 9 group (age 14). I showed them a Mandelbrot slideshow to inspire them and we looked at some examples of fractals in nature. They were suitably awe-inspired. I then gave them three of your ideas to try and left them to it. The results were fantastic. Many of them completed Sierpinski Triangles down to a very fine degree of detail. One or two tried the Koch Snowflake idea and a couple just made up their own. What really took off was the 3-D cut out on coloured paper. Again, the detail they managed was incredible: one pair did several in rainbow colours and joined them together. The only negative is how to display 3-D cut outs on my walls! Thank you for these ideas, they are great!

  4. Peter Antony Cook Peter Antony Cook
    May 14, 2014    

    Thank You Jonathan, we are an international team of independent scientists working in Taiwan. We have just seen your TED talk and would like to offer some support. We have been working for the last 23 years to uncover a simple fractal principle that underpins the whole Universe. The Universe starts simple so the principle must be simple and made of whatever was at the beginning. We went about this using a logical process of laying out all the steps hydrogen takes as it self assembles into the human brain(most simple to most complex). Then we looked for a repeating pattern that would give away the underlying principle. Sure enough a simple geometric pattern does appear and just gets used again and again. It also shows up in mathematics. All the work has been summarized in three videos on you tube, we are sure you and your students will find the similarities between our work uncanny and fascinating. The videos–you tube–petercookintaiwan–Quantum Mechanics for Kids—Breaking Through the Barrier and Science a Universal Perspective.