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43 Responses to “Contact Us”
  1. Dave Bradstreet says:

    Dear Mr. Wolfe,

    Scott Huggins suggested that I contact you. He showed me several of your fantastic fractal fulldome videos on Spitz’s SciDome projector, and I’d love to purchase several minutes of your footage for use in our SciDome facility. We have a very small 20-foot diameter dome in which we seat only 35 adults. We are located at a small Christian liberal arts university and I was hoping that perhaps you could sell us some of the footage at less than $400/minute as advertised on the website. Also, the SciDome is a 1K resolution projector, so the video would need to be encoded by Mike Bruno at Spitz. Scott suggested that perhaps we could possibly send the DomeMasters directly to him or Mike Bruno for encoding, although this was just a suggestion.

    Please get back to me as soon as you can regarding the details of this. I’d also appreciate receiving a preview DVD so that I could select the footage that would work best for us.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Dave Bradstreet

  2. Bebe Smith says:

    My daughter is a grad of UNM (2002) and here’s a link to an article in the NY Times a few years back regarding her work with fractals.

    Just today she discussed this topic as an invited presenter at the American Physical Society’s March Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA. She said the house was packed.. so many people are interested in the art/physics crossover. She is currently working on her doctorate in physics at Case Western Reserve U. in Cleveland Heights, OH.

    I’m sure she’d be glad to discuss the work she’s been doing protecting the integrity of fractals!

    oh, p.s. I work in the bldg. adjacent to the parking garage that got wrapped.

  3. Reina Davis says:

    Apache Elementary would like to thank you for bringing the fractal hot air balloon to our school. The students were so excited to see the return of “The Fractal Man” and one of the coolest hot air balloons in the sky. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit us again. We had a blast!

  4. Jeremy Clark says:

    So went to a show last friday, Fractals Rock. And I must say they do, I am now a new fan seeing how it was my first fractal show. Just wondering where the music was from from that fridays show, I liked the band from boulder, CO that you played and also the track you played during the Druidix fractal zoom. I will be going to more shows in the future but if I can get the names of the musical artists used on Oct. 2 during Fractals Rock I would appreciate it.

    Thanks, Jeremy Clark

  5. clarissa contreras says:

    I would like to have my art students work on Sierpinski triangles for your world record— where do I mail our submissions, and when?

  6. im only 12 but i saw your comercial and tought it was realt cool and was wonderin if i could join up it seems realy fun cant wait to find out

  7. Matt Conn says:

    Just attended your presentation at Artesia High School. While the presentation itself was interesting and engaged the students in math and science, your bringing your world view into the presentation was very inappropriate. I feel you owe Artesia High an apology.

  8. FractalMan says:

    Matt – it’s too bad you feel that way! I’m not sure what it was that offended you so, so there’s no way I can apologize. The “world view” I brought to the presentation was simply one of science, math, and art. That’s what I love sharing, and of the ~30,000 children and ~18,000 adults I’ve taught fractals to, you are the FIRST person ever to ask me to apologize. For what, please tell me?! What I brought to your school was anything but inappropriate. The science portions were all thoroughly grounded in evidence and data, and in fact in alignment with the New Mexico state educational Standards.
    From your second comment, I gather you are a religious person. Many people of faith find great beauty in fractals, and I believe we all wonder at the miracle and majesty of creation. Indeed, I have delivered a few fractal “sermons” in churches and to religiously-minded groups, where I’ve focused on the awesomeness of the Infinite, and these audiences always respond positively and respectfully to what I have to share. Appreciating the processes through which patterns are formed, how organisms interact with their environments, and how the simple becomes complex, can in fact enhance your own spiritual understanding. I hope your disapproval of my own deeply spiritual – but scientifically grounded – world view doesn’t prevent you from learning from what others have to share.

  9. Jen says:

    Your work is amazing. It touches me on a deep, spiritual level. Please continue!!

  10. Daniel Wolfe says:

    Yeah, FractalMan – how dare you talk about all those facts, and data, and evidence…! 😉

  11. Finman says:

    Matt- a “World View” seems to be a well rounded way to approach educating our youth. Present ALL views and let THEM decide which resonates for them. Narrow-mindedness is deservant of apology. Please try to be more accepting of other perspectives and see where they fit in. Please.

  12. rg the lg says:

    Your presentation at Artesia High School (this past Friday) was masterful … it definitely caught the attention of our students! There were some teachers … those antediluvian types who would be in favor of the burning of Galileo, and not just his house arrest … who were critical of your presentation. They no doubt feel that the sun revolves around the earth. But, a tiny glimmer of real math, honest science, and interesting art (beyond the dictates of what passes as an education in Artesia) were very much appreciated by some of us. While I am sure that most of our faculty will prefer to not go public with their support of your efforts … rest assured that Matt Conn does not speak for a majority of the students or the faculty of the Artesia High School. He certainly was out of line speaking for me. My only defense of the man is that he is young and thus remains pre-enlightenment.

    Keep up the good work … I was delighted to see what you had to present.

    Thank you,

    R H Gaylor, MA, MS, MLS
    Librarian and NMSCC Sponsor
    Artesia (New Mexico) High School

  13. G. Berg from Albuquerque says:

    What I think is really sad is that that a student in a state that is steeped in science (SNL, LANL, WIPP, WSMR, UNM, NMSU, NM Tech) isn’t more in tune with the distinction between the science of Earth’s existence and the mythology of it.

    I’ve always felt that the impression of the scientific history of NM on education has always been too far disjointed. Science and math education in the state would benefit more from a closer partnership.

  14. Marc says:

    L’ aritmetica non e un” opinione

  15. Anneliese says:

    Fractals are really entertaining. I have made some charts for lace knitting from a Hilbert curve, a Sierpinski triangle and Sierpinski square. Because of the proportions of knitting they’re not exactly correct but they convey the essence of the form.

    Thank you!

    Socorro, NM

  16. Brian C says:

    Matt Conn,

    I think you owe an apology for your deep ignorance and your failure to remedy it through education.

  17. Shane Wilson says:

    Matt. While i respect you as a person and a teacher, i believe that you are the one who is out of line. There is a separation between church and state for a reason; last time i looked we take ‘science’ classes in public school, not theology.

    It is extremely inappropriate and unprofessional to bring religious views into school, and then come to this site to degrade a presentation which, from what i understand from both experience and others comments, were completely in-line with NM Schools teaching standards.

  18. FractalMan says:

    HALT! I’ve had to pull the plug on the personal attacks on a previous commenter, and I’ve removed several strongly-felt comments, both signed and anonymous. THANK YOU everyone for defending me and science education – I am grateful. At the same time this forum shouldn’t really be for personal attacks against an individual, so please be nice!
    Obviously people care very much about the important distinctions between science and religion, and between religion and school. Please direct any comments you may have about this individual’s beliefs or behaviors to him, personally, or to the Artesia educational authorities as listed above. No more comments will be accepted here about this individual.

    Resume talking about fractals, please…

    (But I did rather like the post comparing me to Galileo!)

  19. Matt Conn says:

    Fractals are in either case very amazing!

  20. Iris Grooms says:

    I am a student and resident adviser at UNM. I have had the privilege of seeing First Friday Fractals. For a while, I have been wanting to either take some students to First Friday Fractal, but it was not possible because the tickets were online, and we are only allotted cash. I was wondering if you could help me work something out where maybe I could reserve some tickets or something else. I think a speaking engagement would also be cool.

    I think this would be a wonderfully interesting and educating experience for the students on campus. I would greatly appreciate if you could contact me so maybe I could put something in the works.

  21. Wayne Hicks says:


    I should be able to do the time lapse photo for your project. My camera has an intervalometer function. I will let you know for sure Thursday.

  22. Here is the link to FLICKR of the Pi-day Fractal Trianglethon

  23. Eva Thaddeus says:

    Jonathan, sorry don’t have a personal email for you – wanted to follow up about math education for kids who are extra good at it. I had a conversation with our math specialist that I’d like to share. Please let me know how to contact you.
    Eva, Cien Aguas

  24. Hello Jonathan and others in your group.

    Please check out , a website devoted to evidence-based fractal cosmology and discrete self-similarity.

    Feel free to put a link to it on your site.

    Keep up the good work!


  25. Amy H says:

    My son Shane (5 yrs) loves to play with Xaos. He wants to know if you can walk inside a fractal. I said I was pretty sure you could (they are 3d after all) but would ask you more about that. Has anyone made a fractal representation you can walk inside? Can you think of existing fractals that someone could be inside? I’m pretty sure he wants to walk in and out just like the software takes him in and out…. Thanks?

  26. Jacob Montoya says:

    dear Mr. Wolfe
    My name is jacob Montoya. I am a student at West Mesa High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico.I have been to the first friday fractal show at the Natural History Museum planetarium three times. In my marketing class for school, we have been given an assignment to contact someone in a field of career we are interested in. Though i have yet to choose a specific field for my career, i know i want to do something in science. I have been been amazed by fractals and the practical uses for fractals. For my assignment, I would like to create contact with you to not only talk more about fractals, but also later in the semester possibly have you come in and give a presentation on what you do for my class. i see this as an excellent opportunity to share my interest with my peers and learn more on fractals and how they work while completing my assignment. Please contact me to discuss further

  27. jigsaw says:

    Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive read something like this before. So good to find anyone with some unique thoughts on this subject. realy thank you for beginning this up. this web site is something that is wanted on the internet, someone with a bit of originality. helpful job for bringing something new to the web!

  28. Sylvan Schrank says:

    I saw your lecture at UNM today and asked you whether Taj Mahal was a fractal. I think it definitely looks like a fractal. And I found this website that made me think that it was even more:
    They say “the Taj Mahal has fractal self-similarities in different sized domes and arched windows with their empty spaces.” Does this mean Taj Mahal is a fractal or is just similar to a fractal? Many thanks for your answer and lecture. Sylvan Schrank, Monte Vista Elementary School, Grade 2

  29. Dave Grebner says:

    Dear Mr. Wolfe,
    We play “Glomey” before our dinosaur show (“Dinosaur Prophecy,” which accompanies our dinosaur exhibit, “Be the Dinosaur!”). The public response to both the fractal and the show has been very enthusiastic–applause after both the fractal and the featured show is common. What is the wonderful Latin-flavored music that accompanies Glomey?

  30. Lito Croy says:

    Dear Dr. Wolfe,

    I have a merchandising idea that I thought you might be interested in. My friends and I LOVE the show, of course. And we were wondering if we could buy personalized freeze frames of the show somehow. I know that personally, I’d be willing to pay about $15 or $20 for a high quality print. I’m sure others would be interested as well.

    I know how much hard work you put into your show and I would never want to compromise that. So my idea would be to make available a much much lower quality version of a show which patrons could scroll through to crop out their favorite part of the show. The quality would be just good enough to pick out their poster. Nothing high enough to enjoy even on youtube.

    Ideally, this would all occur online through some sort of program and once the selection was made the patron could make an online purchase for the poster; possibly even specifying their dimensions. You may need a third party for the printing process. What do you think?

    I also wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you and your team do in this community. Fractals ROCK!



  31. Jean says:

    I enjoyed the talk today, Sat., Oct. 27th, at the Albuquerque North Valley Library. Thank you to the speaker (Julie?). She did a terrific presentation. Her expertise and enthusiasm was evident to all! Many thanks! I like to go to talks when I know very little or nothing about the topic. I am now a fractals novice and am enjoying your website.

  32. adrian says:

    Dear, I want to congratulate you on your brilliant work, We are a company that have a geodesic dome 21 meters in diameter with an internal screen.I Would like to know if you have licensed videos for us to project.Kinds Regards
    Adrian Bellocq
    Merry Christmas!!

  33. Elena Kayak says:

    Chicken soup is an auspicious way to start the new year! Hope we see you fractal ballooning in these parts often this year and may all your landings be soft.

    I plan to plagiarize “yummus” for my new year’s recycled resolution of a poem a day. I wrote two yesterday:

    From the bike ride on Paseo del Bosque:

    Juicy porcupines
    Cycling along the bike path
    Bald eagle bonus

    From your balloon overhead:

    Fractals in the sky
    Here’s a haiku for your crew
    Tie-dyed, cobalt blue

  34. Imaan says:

    Dear Ms. Julie,

    NorthStar thanks you for visiting our school! Thank you very much for teaching the 4th and 5th grade ’bout Fractals!! All my classmates loved it!! So did I!! I’ve searched ‘Fractals’ on Google, and they were so cool! Then I went in my backyard looking for Fractals, and I saw the tree, and the trunk’s branches! And, the ants were going in the same pattern, except it was getting smaller. I realized that Fractals were all around us! I am trying to draw a Fractal, but it isn’t coming out well. I hope next year you come and visit 4th and 5th grade again! That’ll be my last year there and I would really like to see Fractals again!! Have a great Valentine’s day!

  35. Ly Tran says:

    Dear Fractal Foundation,

    My name is Ly Tran, Im a geometry teacher in Dallas, TX, we are working on sierpinski triangle and I would love to send my students’ work to your foundations. I would love to know if you are doing the Giant Triangle this year, since I saw you guys have 6561 in 2011, but I havent seen the update on 2012. If you guys are needing some triangle please let me know, I would be more than happy to send it to your foundations, and sure my students are very excited as well.

  36. Olga says:

    I am impressed of your work, events that you made for children! Really great example for education in my country.
    I am learning fractals for few years already, fractal graphics is a topic of my phd-studies. Working in Tierazon-program. Based on it created a calendar.
    would like to volunteer – propose some my works to publish on your web-page. I would love more and more people get to know about natural, artistic, mathematical fractals. Wanna share information about fractals beauty!!!
    Just cake care and continuous with your job.

  37. I have invented a new form of visual expression by combining the painting of recognizable imagery on top of ornate relief sculptures. One of my on-going series deals with fractals in a different ‘multidimensional’ framework. Instead of fractals spinning out across the same dimensional plane, my fractal series explores how fractals can be expressed within multiple, seemingly independent, dimensions. please view “Something Fractal Is Going On”, on my website. http://www.ScottMcNeillArt(dot)com. I am interested in contributing to your foundation in any way I can. Thank you for your site.

  38. Bin Jiang says:

    Amazing what Jonathan Wolfe did on fractals! Fractals can be simply characterized by the recurring pattern of far more small things than large ones. We developed a very simple index ht-index to characterize the complexity:
    or Preprint

  39. Watch your fractal zooms in real time! Finally a new and faster way to calculate fractals called “The Fractal Algorithm”. Get your free copy today at Run it as a screen saver and impress your friends and coworkers! No GPU required!

  40. Great site for everyone to learn and explore fractals. Please add ‘The Fractal Algorithm’ to your list of Free Fractal Software/Screen Saver.

    Thank you

  41. Peter Antony Cook says:

    Thank You Jonathan, we are an international team of independent scientists working in Taiwan. We have just seen your TED talk and would like to offer some support. We have been working for the last 23 years to uncover a simple fractal principle that underpins the whole Universe. The Universe starts simple so the principle must be simple and made of whatever was at the beginning. We went about this using a logical process of laying out all the steps hydrogen takes as it self assembles into the human brain(most simple to most complex). Then we looked for a repeating pattern that would give away the underlying principle. Sure enough a simple geometric pattern does appear and just gets used again and again. It also shows up in mathematics. All the work has been summarized in three videos on you tube, we are sure you and your students will find the similarities between our work uncanny and fascinating. The videos–you tube–petercookintaiwan–Quantum Mechanics for Kids—Breaking Through the Barrier and Science a Universal Perspective.

  42. Carol Skinner says:

    I am a Secondary School teacher in England and I was wanting some fractal based ideas to use as a creative, post-exam activity. I found your Fractivities and chose a few to do with my top set year 9 group (age 14). I showed them a Mandelbrot slideshow to inspire them and we looked at some examples of fractals in nature. They were suitably awe-inspired. I then gave them three of your ideas to try and left them to it. The results were fantastic. Many of them completed Sierpinski Triangles down to a very fine degree of detail. One or two tried the Koch Snowflake idea and a couple just made up their own. What really took off was the 3-D cut out on coloured paper. Again, the detail they managed was incredible: one pair did several in rainbow colours and joined them together. The only negative is how to display 3-D cut outs on my walls! Thank you for these ideas, they are great!

  43. Bruce Lewis says:

    Hi Dr. Wolfe

    Thank you so much for giving the New Mexico math/science teachers a free fractal show last friday night. It was awesome!!!!

    It would be great if you could put that show onto a dvd video… I would buy it and show it to my students!!! Also, it was nice that you said you were going to try to make the student fractal contest a statewide event (instead of just for Albuquerque students only).

    If you get a chance, take a look at the Fractal website that I created a few years ago at New Mexico Tech…


    Bruce Lewis
    Thoreau High School
    PO Box 96
    Thoreau, NM 87323
    (navajo reservation near Gallup, NM)

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