Fractals are SMART: Science, Math and Art!


Just as fractals are created through feedback loops, the Fractal Foundation thrives on feedback, too!
Daniel G, receiving his award.

Daniel G, receiving his award

Here is what people are saying about our…

First Friday Fractals and fractal shows for school groups at the NM Museum of Natural History and Science

  • “Wow! My [elementary-aged] son just told me that he loves math now!”
  • “Everyone was more than impressed [by] the show, the explanations and the facility.” – Brian C.
  • “I felt humbled by the ooh’s and ahh’s of the students as they flew through the universe of fractals, learning without even realizing it.” – Brian C.

Fractal Challenge

  • “One day I will have to tell you the impact you have had on [my daughter’s] life. Thank you to you and the Fractal Foundation. …Winning [the Fractal Challenge] gave her confidence to believe [in herself]. – the mother of a previous Fractal Challenge winner whose daughter received a generous college scholarship

Our outreach

  • “Thanks again for coming out to our Math Night! We’ve had great response to it – from both parents and studenDGTriangles4 copyts!” Kim A.

Triangle activity

  • “Fun, fun, fun!” – Odessa T.
  • “Good for special needs students – starting from concrete to abstract.” – Priscilla S.

Tetrahedron activity

  • “It’s team work, math, science and art! I enjoyed it so much!” – Maria C.
  • “[This activity involves] higher critical thinking skills – incredible! [It goes] from art/creative to numbers and equations.”
  • “Wonderful creative and critical thinking activity!” – Karen G.
  • “I really like the [use of predictions] to figure out the number of toothpicks/marshmallows ahead of actually counting.” Kim A.

Cutout card activitycutoutcard1

  • “Great for gifted thinkers.” – Carla F.

General comments

  • “As a high school science teacher, I would love to use [your activities] in my environmental science class! I often take my students outdoors, so [I would] teach them fractals, allowing them to identify different types of fractals found in nature.” Suggested activity = fractal bingo

We want to hear from you! Please provide us with your feedback at: JenFFEmailImage