Fractals are SMART: Science, Math and Art!

Fractal Shows

Photo by Velvet Valentine

Photo by Velvet Valentine

Everyone loves fractals! We provide fractal shows and presentations in a number of formats to a wide variety of audiences. In all cases, we uses the breathtaking beauty of fractals and their infinite complexity to inspire interest in science, math and art.

Don’t know whether to attend First Friday Fractals or Fractals Rock?

First Friday Fractals shows are more informational than the Fractals Rock shows. They include videos that explain a bit about the math behind the most popular fractal (the Mandelbrot set) and provide an overview of the Fractal Foundation’s education and outreach program. These shows include an equal mix of 2D and 3D zooms. Fractals Rock! shows are “less talk, more rock!” Typically, they include more 3D fractal zooms, which can make some people motion sick, and do not include much explanation about what fractals are or the Fractal Foundation’s education and outreach.

The first Friday of each month in Albuquerque, NM at the New Mexico Natural History and Science Museum

First Friday Fractals

6 and 7 PM
First Friday of each month

Fractals Rock!

8 and 9 PM
First Friday of each month

Buying more than one month in advance? If you want to buy tickets for a show that’s is farther out than the coming month, go to Brown Paper Tickets and search “fractal.” You should see the next few upcoming fractal shows.

Once a quarter in Los Alamos, NM at the Pajarito Environmental Education Center: to be determined

~Everywhere around the world~

Learn more about licensing fractal animations for planetariums and other venues.

Invite the Fractal Foundation to bring fractal shows to your school.

We also offer exciting and beautiful fractal shows and keynote presentations for special events.


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