Fractals are SMART: Science, Math and Art!

First Friday Fractals

First Friday Fractals is the spectacular, award-winning fulldome planetarium show that takes viewers on a tour of the fractals in nature and zooms through infinitely complex mathematical fractals. Featuring original music, the show is both educational and highly entertaining, and suitable for audiences 3 and up.

Don’t know whether to attend First Friday Fractals or Fractals Rock?

First Friday Fractals shows are more informational than the Fractals Rock shows. They include videos that explain a bit about the math behind the most popular fractal (the Mandelbrot set) and provide an overview of the Fractal Foundation’s education and outreach program. These shows include an equal mix of 2D and 3D zooms. Fractals Rock! shows are “less talk, more rock!” Typically, they include more 3D fractal zooms, which can make some people motion sick, and do not include much explanation about what fractals are or the Fractal Foundation’s education and outreach.

Next Shows:  Friday, March 2

at the NM Museum of Natural History and Science

at 1801 Mountain Road, NW, in Albuquerque NM

Adults $10, Seniors $7, Children (3-12) $5



Photo by Velvet Valentine

Photo by Velvet Valentine

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Please be aware: These shows almost always sell out (396 times, so far), so please buy tickets in advance. Online ticket sales end at noon on Friday of the show, and if there are any tickets late, you may buy them at the door that evening. Also, you must arrive at the Museum at LEAST 10 minutes prior to showtime to pick up your willcall tickets. There is NO late-seating, as the planetarium is extremely dark, and there are no refunds. Sorry!

Show Credits:

First Friday Fractals is produced and narrated by Jonathan Wolfe, Ph.D.

The lead composer and sound designer is Daniel Wolfe, who produced the music for the following animations from the show:

Ahonia (intro), Galanga, Hypermeshy, Mandelirium, Featherino, Peacock, Morphalingus, Triumple, Shroomungous, Butterfly Meltdown, Iftikhar, Xylengi, Hagen, Bulbia, Canyonero, Bulbalicious, Sportal.

Kan’Nal / Tierro Lee produced the music for:

Glomey / All Things Change, Oxlahun, Novamorph.

Fractal Formulas & Software:

Jonathan Wolfe, Tania Goldfeder-Wolfe, Velvet Valentine, Bert Hickman, Robert Fathauer, Jef Duncan, Jennifer Warren, Jani Patokallio, Jared Tarbell, Bernard Malamud (Kings College, London), Paul de Koninck (Université Laval), T. Janka (Max Planck Inst. for Astrophysics), Ronald Thomas (New Mexico Tech), PK Yeung (Georgia Tech), NASA, Google Earth.


  1. August 27, 2014    

    Had fractals on my PC in the mid-1990s and was already hooked! The show last Saturday was literally out of this world. I used to skydive and have never found anything even close to that experience. Unbelievable that we have this right here, in good old Burque! The sensation is exactly the same as falling through the sky at 9 m/s/s, except for the expense and the risk of death (I ended up spending a year in a SCI unit after an accident). So…for a reformed adrenaline junkie and seeker or happiness, this show by Jonathan is, well, I have no words for his genius. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Fractal Foundation!

  2. Dan M Dan M
    January 27, 2014    

    As an avid fractal fan I love the original music from Daniel W. I am not sure what copy right laws there are to navigate but how about a Led Zepplin show?

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