Fractal Trianglethon

Help us Create the World’s Largest Fractal Sierpinski Triangle!

Every year we build a giant fractal triangle made of thousands of individual fractals triangles made by students all over the world. So far, we have constructed the 8th order version of this fractal, comprised of 6561 individual triangles. And we’re still growing!

By doing this activity, children have fun learning about fractals, symmetry, powers of three, fractions, iteration, scaling, and the power of cooperation. See the full list of NM State Educational Standards in math and art this fractivity meets.

A Sierpinski Triangle can be made of 3 smaller copies of itself. A bigger version can be made of 9 triangles. An even bigger one is made of 27 and so on, always a power of 3. See the detailed description in the Fractivities section.

One triangle made by a student showing the same pattern at smaller and smaller scales.

One triangle made by a student showing the same pattern at smaller and smaller scales.

Here is the progression of triangles:


One cluster of 27 triangles, plus parts of two others. Made by 2'nd and 3'd graders at Apache Elementary School.

2187 Triangles assembled in 2010.

2187 Triangles assembled in 2010.

On April 10, 2011, we built the world’s largest fractal triangle, made of 6561 fractal triangles from students all over the world! Many thanks to all our volunteers, the children who made all the triangles, and the Albuquerque Convention Center for hosting this project for the last two years. See a time-lapse video of the construction of this record-breaking fractal:

We are aiming next to build a 9th order triangle, consisting of 19,683 triangles. Yes, that’s a LOT of children to teach about fractals and a lot to coordinate. And we’ll need an indoor space almost 400′ on a side. But we can do it! We’ve already taught over 26,000 children about fractals. One class of about 27 kids can do the project in about 30-45 minutes. ¬†How can we do it? Only with your help!

Teachers/Parents – Please mail your students’ completed fractal triangles to us at:

Fractal Foundation, 2917 Campus Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87106



Congratulations and thanks to all our volunteers who help to assemble the triangles, and all the students and teachers in our participating schools who have contributed fractal triangles from all over the world:

Adobe Acres Elementary
Annunciation Catholic School
Apache Elementary
Atrisco Elementary
Bandelier Elementary
Bellehaven Elementary
Christ Lutheran
Cien Aguas International School
Comanche Elementary
Corrales Elementary
Cottonwood Classical
Dennis Chavez Elementary
Double Eagle Elementary
Eastern Hills Christian Academy
Ernie Pyle Middle School
Escuela del Sol Montessori
Georgia O’Keefe Elementary
Governor Bent Elementary
Harrison Middle School
Helen Cordero Primary School
Hodgin Elementary
Hope Christian School
Hubert Humphrey Elementary
Inez Elementary
Jefferson Middle School
Lavaland Elementary
Lowell Elementary
Mission Avenue Elementary
Monte Vista Elementary
Montezuma Elementary
North Valley Academy
Painted Sky Elementary
Petroglyph Elementary
Roosevelt Middle School
San Antonito Elementary
Sandia Base Elementary
SevenBar Elementary
Sunset Mesa Elementary
Sunset View Elementary
Sierra Vista Elementary
Susie Rayos Marmon Elementary
SY Jackson Elementary
Tierra Antigua Elementary
Truman Middle School
Valley High School
Vision Quest Alternative
West Mesa High School
Zuni Elementary

Cielo Azul Elementary
Enchanted Hills Elementary
Martin Luther King
Puesta del Sol ES
Sandia Vista
Stapleton ES

Acoma – Sky City Elementary
Bosque Farms Elementary
Carlsbad – Alta Vista MS
Carlsbad – HS
Cuba – ES
Edgewood Elementary
Gallup – Chief Manuelito MS
Las Cruces – Sonoma ES
Placitas Elementary
Ramah HS
Roswell – Mountain View MS
San Rafael Elementary School
Santa Fe – Capshaw ES
Santa Fe – Girls School
Santa Fe – Larragotie ES
Santa Fe – Pinon ES
Santa Rosa MS
Silver City, Harrison Schmidt ES

Solvang Elementary, CA
Mrs. Madrona’s, Bear, DE
___School, Milton, GA
Homeschool, Marietta, GA
Cloquet Middle School, MN
Lyle School, MN
William McKinley School, Brooklyn, NY
Wayne High School, Huber Heights, OH
The Little School, Bellevue, WA

Muriel Clayton Middle School, Airdrie AB, Canada
Birla Institute of Science and Technology, India
Camberwell Junior School, Canterbury, Australia
Gateway School, Great Missenden,UK

Have we forgotten anyone? Please let us know!


3 Responses to “Fractal Trianglethon”
  1. Robin says:

    I saw this project on Twitter and thought it would be great for my homeschooled boys. Where can we send our triangles?

  2. Karla says:

    I’m an visual arts teacher in a small school in Minnesota. I love teaching lessons tie art into other subjects. We will be doing this lesson. Even though we are from out of state, is it possible for us to contribute some of our triangles?

  3. Heather Rinaldi says:

    Are you still working on creating the world’s largest triangle? I’ve started my own version here in NY and we had 729 triangles last year.

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