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Online Fractal Course

We are proud to announce the  launching of an online fractal course. It has been developed by the Fractal Foundation in collaboration with UNM under a grant from the NM Public Education Department.

While the course is primarily aimed at high school students, anyone may browse the material and do the exercises and activities.

The material in the course will open in a separate window.


An answer key is available, with a donation of any amount. Contact jen at to get a copy once you’ve donated!

This course is still evolving. Please use the feedback form below to leave any comments, suggestions, corrections, ideas, etc. Thanks!

This material is copyright by the Fractal Foundation. Please use this course, and share this link with others, but DO NOT reproduce any of the material without explicit, written permission.


  1. July 28, 2015    

    Yes. Please credit Fractal Foundation where appropriate. Thanks!

  2. Eric Eric
    July 28, 2015    

    May I use some of the material in the Fibonacci Rabbit family tree for a short essay for my Math 220 class?

    Eric Stapleton

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